"I now have the right set of tools to easily come up with all kind of possibilities in just a few minutes. All this at an excellent price. Josh, I am very impressed!"

 - Daniel Levy

"When I received your email a few days ago, I checked out your site and purchased your software immediately. And I
have to say I am extremely impressed!"

 - Lex Edmonds

"Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy shop! This could well be the biggest and best web audio package ever offered on the internet.  You're literally saving me thousands of dollars! A huge thanks to you! Everyone who has a website should own this package."

 - Lisa Preston

"I am completely and thoroughly convinced there is nothing else like it out there on the Internet - PERIOD!I know for many this will be the 'LAST' tool they'll ever have to buy because is meets so many needs. I've used audio and video before and I know it works but this just takes it to a whole new level - Great Job Josh!"

 - Scott Foster

"Triggered Events Make Total Web Audio the Best Web Audio Software Package on the Planet"

Click Here for a Demonstration

From: Josh Anderson, CEO, Internet Business Ideas Inc.
Re: A new standard in audio visual web development.

ow would you like to stream audio over virtually any internet connection with the option to display web
content simultaneously even on the same page the exact moment you want?

In a moment I will show you exactly how to do just that but first let me give you a little background...

Over the last two years I have searched high and low for a complete multimedia software package. I have purchased thousands of dollars in software from every company you can imagine. Yet none did what I needed... so I set to work to bring my ideas to life.

Like you I have been trying to find the best most efficient multimedia presentation creation software. I too was seeking to create professional quality streaming audio and video presentations for my websites.

"...best and easiest to use, I've seen!"

"90% of what people think about you is based on the 'frame' through which you present your self. If you present your audio and video through an impressive interface people tend to be more impressed with the contents of the audio itself - it's a well-proven fact. Total Web Audio is the best and easiest to use, I've seen."

Mark Joyner
#1 Best Selling Author of Mind Control Marketing


With the internet spreading world wide at mach speed you need technology that looks and sounds good over virtually any internet connection.

"I wanted an unfair advantage."

I was not satisfied with what was available. Like you, I wanted so much more...

"I needed more than just audio buttons... I wanted to lead and entrance my visitors."

To achieve this goal I have developed unique new software and flash players that will allow you to create your own advanced audio presentations in minutes:

multi or single track players
210 color picker and unlimited hex color option
35 player styles!
continuous play or pause points
manual or timed resume for pause points
unlimited play mode variations
auto play or wait for visitor to start
redirect or open new window at any time
unlimited timed visual events using iframes
titled audio track display (multi-track players)
stream over any connection even dialup!
fast forward, rewind, skip or browse tracks
personalize help window even use live links

With the Total Web Audio flash players you will be able to set unlimited "triggered events" using a time line configuration setting built into our presentation creation software.

Visual Audio Tours! Unique Technology Available only In Website Jukebox.

Using these time line "triggered events" you can pop open a new window, redirect the listener to a completely new page, or show html pages, images, text, links, animation, or any content you wish using frames in a slide show fashion at an unlimited number of precisely set times during the play of your audio track.

"Professional Single and Multi-track Flash Audio Players Trigger Unlimited Timed Visual Events at Precise Moments."

Do you want to create professional multimedia presentations for any niche imaginable at the click of a button without the headache and hassle of paying a developer $500 - $1000 or more for each one?

Now you too can easily reach way beyond simple audio capabilities. The good news is that you will not have to spend months and thousands of dollars working with developers.

"Easily Stream Branded Audio Presentations on Your Website... Even Create Viral Audio e-Books."

"...over 10,000 downloads!"

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release of the Total Web Audio package before it was released. I used it to create two viral audio e-books. To date we have had over 10,000 downloads and it has been directly responsible for adding thousands of new subscribers to my lists and tens of thousands of dollars in sales. This is definitely the most powerful audio presentation software on the market.

Russell Brunson
CEO DotComSecrets.com Inc.


There are many ways that you can create branded audio presentations online. Another creative way to use Total Web Audio is to embed your audio presentations in an exe e-book. Using frames you can embed the audio player in one page and conduct a dynamic audio/visual slide show right in your e-book revealing content or secret resources and bonuses to your readers/listeners at the moments you define.

One powerful way to keep the attention of your listeners is to promise an incredible bonus to your listeners at some undisclosed point during your presentation. At the moment you choose set a trigger point that will open the page they must access to get your promised gift. Tell them that they must listen to the message to "unlock" the bonus.

Imagine all the ways you can use this technology.

In fact as an extra bonus For a short period of time I am giving away my new Multimedia e-Book Creator FREE with Total Web Audio you can use to create audio and video e-Books. See the bonus box below for a sample audio e-Book and more info on this amazing new invention.

"You reap the benefits of our development team's blood, sweat, and tears!"

You won't have to hire a developer and shell out thousands of dollars to achieve these incredible results. You will be able to quickly create high impact visual presentations at the click of a button.

Remember all the searching you did for the look and feel of a professionally designed solution? The flash audio players in Total Web Audio have advanced play modes not available in any other software.

Do you want software simple enough that even a novice could create simple single track audio presentations or advanced multi-track audio that commands the attention of website visitors?

"You Will Receive More Value for Less Money in Total Web Audio Than Any Other Multimedia Package On the Planet!"

Inevitably I will get some marketers calling and emailing me telling me I am a certifiable nut for delivering so much value (and they don't even know about the unannounced bonuses). They will tell me "you should raise your price."

Let me share with you the philosophy I used as I put this complete multimedia software package together:

  1. If it is not available create it.

  2. If it has not been done invent it.

  3. If it has been done but could be done better do it.

  4. If there is a reliable free solution recommend it.

  5. Deliver an over the top complete package!


"I won't ever work audio without Total Web Audio again."

I didn't realize how much I depended on my Website Jukebox until it was gone. When I lost my computer I decided to just reload my newer expensive audio program I had previously only used for editing. I hate to admit it but I thought I would not need my Website Jukebox. Was I ever wrong.

Josh, thank you for the new and improved Jukebox. I won't ever work audio without Total Web Audio again. The new buttons look great!

Valerie Hasara
President, Time 2 Advertise Inc.


Are you curious what is included in the Total Web Audio package?

"8 Amazing Tools and Resources To Make Streaming Audio, Video, and Multimedia Presentations Easy..."

  • professionally designed (see toolbar example) players.
  • 16 play modes, 35 player  designs, and 210 colors!
  • Single or multi-track audio presentations.
  • flash audio buttons and multi-track players. Flash is The most universally used multimedia format on the internet.
  • record voiceover, tele-seminar, and musical presentations to wav audio format.
  • instruction on how to convert wav audio files to mp3 or ogg vorbis format.
  • resample audio in multiple audio formats for streaming online over any connection speed including ogg vorbis.

Note: No mp3 encoder is provided with this software package. The software records in wav format, for converting it is provided as a skin only and you will need to obtain an encoder from a third party. Instructions are provided.

  • layer intro and exit music using multiple sample and bit rates with wav, and ogg inputs.
  • Valuable collection of royalty free music loops in cd quality wav format.
  • Audio visual web tours.
  • Unlimited redirects and visual events unlike any other flash audio buttons.
  • Unique audio visual tour technology only available in Website Jukebox.

  • Streaming Ogg Vorbis audio player with embedded 'flash like' buttons.
  • Multi and single track players.
  • Play list dynamically updates every time you upload a new file.
  • Runs off Java Runtime environment.
  • Audio Postcard Creation
  • Professionally designed unique html template, graphics, and stamps.
  • Video Postcard Creation
  • Professionally designed unique html template, graphics, and stamps.

  • Get top quality audio editing software and training videos free.
  • Incredible free multimedia resources 'Hot Sheet' containing my own little known secrets.
  • Software 'recipe' for creating your own viral audio e-books.
  • and more insider secrets, case studies, and unannounced bonuses than can be mentioned here.

Not only can you tell your website visitors what to do...

...show them any link, image, text, webpage, animation, product, or service and at the very moment your audio has peaked their interest invite them to take action...

...conduct audio tours such as a walk through of a house on a real estate site, or a showcase of health products during the interview of an "expert..."

...Total Web Audio is for you.

If all you want to do is create simple flash audio buttons to add audio to your website...

...Total Web Audio is for you.

Do you want single or multi-track web audio players? Do you want more functionality than any other web audio software? Do you want professional styles (including the toolbar audio player you see at the top of this page)?

Then Total Web Audio is for you!

Whether you want simple audio or advanced multimedia presentations Total Web Audio will make it a snap.

Like you, I wanted something not only affordable but comprehensive that would meet all my needs.

I spent two years of research and thousands of dollars finding and developing the perfect suite of tools and resources I needed to achieve this goal...

Now for the first time I am making my entire line of software, tools, and secret resources available to the public. That means you reap the benefits without spending a lot of money.

With Total Web Audio you can easily and quickly create professional web audio presentations. These solutions would normally cost you thousands of dollars to develop your self. Almost a year of programming, beta testing, and hundreds of man hours went toward bringing you this powerful solution.

Total Web Audio is just too good to keep a secret. Now you can put this unique technology to work on your website... TODAY!

"You Will Receive Updates and Incredible Unannounced Bonuses Worth Thousands of Dollars!"

I am not stopping development here. Every day I think of new features for the Total Web Audio software package. I already have the next month of projects and upgrades planned out and even as I am writing this and additional 2 multi-track player styles are being developed.

There is only one problem with Total Web Audio...

I am afraid I am delivering too much value for the small price I am asking. I may be giving away the bank.

There are so many killer pieces of software and unannounced bonuses in this package that I may be forced to sell some of it separately. I may even need to double the price in the near future.

"NO OTHER website audio package does all of what Total Web Audio does."

You could easily spend $704 on 'other' software solutions and monthly services that deliver less capability and power. However, you would be missing 60% of what Total Web Audio Delivers.

Many other web audio packages do not even stream audio and Total Web Audio stands alone in offering fast forward, rewind, single and multi-track play. Total Web Audio players stream audio in 10 seconds or less over any   connection even dialup!

Total Web Audio will save you time and money. You will never need another solution.

You could easily spend $704 on "other" software solutions and monthly services that deliver less capability and power. But you would be missing 60% of what Total Web Audio Delivers.

The good news is that if you grab yours now you get the whole package with nothing held back.

For the first time ever you will benefit from professional technologies that famous recording artists like Julio Iglesias use on their websites. Total Web Audio is great for putting teleconferences and seminars online. You can create a membership site and charge for your audio. You can create killer audio products, powerful promotional presentations, add audio to your newsletter sign up forms and more. There really is no limit to how creative you can be with these tools.

Integrated into Total Web Audio are features that make this unique software appealing to professional and amateur musicians alike while delivering powerful new advanced audio-visual technologies for the savvy multimedia marketer.

Professionally designed streaming flash audio players (not just simple buttons) and the added  maximizing power of direct response audio-visual presentations... whether you use it for marketing, business training, as a recording artist, or just to send your mom a nice mother's day message. It is all here.

"This technology is so new and unique that we ask our clients not to discuss how our software works with outside companies or third parties."

I am saving most of my secrets to be revealed after you download Total Web Audio but here are just a couple amazing web audio ideas that you can take to the bank:

Sell pay-per-listen advertising to sponsors. Many companies may want you to feature an audio advertisement or promotion on your site or during one of your audio shows. Just think of how much people pay for radio advertising and many times it isn't even targeted.

Imagine you run a real estate website. You could create web based audio tours of homes for your real estate selling clients who pay for your online listing service (this is a huge market).

As the realtor speaks about the house and describes it's benefits the unique technology provided with Total Web Audio displays pictures of the property, the home, and the rooms You could even present a form at the end of each home presentation to capture their contact information so that your realtors can follow up with the prospective buyers who visited your website.

With the multi-track players you can create an unlimited number of audio tours for any niche. The model I just described can be used in thousands of ways.

Now let me open your eyes a bit more:

How many mortgage brokers do you think would pay you to run a brief audio spot promoting their service to your perspective buyers? How about setting up a pay-per-listen script? In fact many brokers pay you commissions just for getting a prospect to fill out a referral form and you can trigger that to open so they can fill it out while the rest of your presentation plays automatically.

How about pay-per-click? There are many affiliate programs available in Commission Junction that pay-per-click. You could set your pay-per-click affiliate link to open at the precise moment you peak a clients interest. If the subject matter is interesting it is not hard at all to drive a fair amount of traffic to listen to your audio. If you had 1000 listeners a week and each time the ppc page was opened you earned just $.10?

Have you ever imagined you could monetize your web audio in so many ways?

That example would bring in $450 a month just from people listening to your audio for free!

Why didn't you hear about this potential from audio before? It is because no other software does what Total Web Audio does. No other web audio player can trigger events at the precise moment you choose!

As a master of the Total Web Audio Suite you will be able to achieve this and more! I am sure your mind is spinning with ideas about how you are going to put this technology to work.

Nothing gets your visitor to do what you want them to do faster than telling them what you want them to do!

Combine audio with the optional ability to show visual and interactive html content at precise moments and you have it all!

No other "instant web audio" software package on the planet allows you to stream your audio over virtually any internet connection more professionally than Total Web Audio!

I am sure you can imagine hundreds of ways to use this system. I cannot even list them all here...  with the various styles of multi-track players we offer you can create any combination of audio or audio visual presentation you desire.

"Total Web Audio... Unique Technology Available No Where Else!"

There is no reason to go without this software in your arsenal of tools. There is no comparable alternative to our technology. This is not a "me too" package... it reaches so far beyond the capabilities of other web audio packages and is so affordable that we may have to raise the price soon just to let the competition stay in business.

But all fun and jokes aside... there is no 'alternative' to our suite of tools. If you purchased all the products from each of our closest competitors you still would be out more than $700 and only have 1/2 the abilities the Total Web Audio Suite delivers for a fraction of the price.

There is a better way... a less expensive, feature rich, simplistic, and high quality way.

There is no other alternative. We wanted to offer you the highest value and most comprehensive package for the lowest possible price... we have accomplished just that.

Do you want to create impressive professional multimedia presentations at will?Then grab the Total Web Audio Software Suite now now before your competition does!


Incredible New Bonuses!


Bonus # 1 - Multimedia eBook Creator may be one of the simplest yet most powerful way to create and deliver audio and video products available.  Multimedia eBook Creator can put viral marketing power in your hands regardless of your experience level.

Watch a video of me using this software by clicking here.

Download a sample viral audio eBook by clicking here.

Warning! I am planning on releasing this incredible software by itself soon and may remove this bonus valued at $67 at any time. Grab Total Web Audio today and you download Multimedia e-Book Creator free!

Don't miss out on this bonus! My partners and I use Multimedia e-Books to generate thousands of dollars in passive residual income and floods of new subscribers to our lists.

With Bonus # 2 - New CamStudio IM version you will be able to quickly and easily create screen capture videos and convert them to flash video for publishing to the web.  This powerful software can be used to create video tutorials, Infomercials, viral videos, and viral video eBooks. Product similar to this bonus alone normally cost $147-$297 and today it is yours as a free bonus.

Plus the IM version of CamStudio features newly improved cross browser compatibility and the ability to redirect you visitor at the end of your video.

Bonus # 3 - Instant Software Machine works much like the popular application Make Your Own Software and allows you to create your own "generator" style software applications. I used software similar to this to create my own video postcard template generator.

Bonus # 4 - Comprehensive Audio Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Layering training videos using the best free audio editing software available called Audaciy.

You can listen to a voiceover intro recording I layered with music and special effects after learning from these training videos by clicking here.

Bonus # 5 - 38 comprehensive web business training videos teaching everything from basic html and website building, website automation, ecommerce automation, website payment processing, testing and tracking, digital product delivery.. and pretty much everything you need to know to get a web business up and running smoothly.

I can only guarantee that you will receive these bonuses if you order today.

 Your Bonus Package Alone is Valued at More than $367! 

More bonuses in the download area not mentioned on this page!!!

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!!!

Try Total Web Audio at absolutely zero risk for 30 days and make all the extra profits you want with it…if you are not 100% satisfied simply delete the package and any presentations created with it and we will cheerfully refund your purchase price – no ifs, ands, or buts, just your money back!

Many of our clients call Total Web Audio their "most prized" software possession and some have written to say that they would not even sell it back at 2x what they paid...

Read More User Testimonials By Clicking Here

If you do not feel the same way within 30 days we will refund your money so your purchase is 100% risk free!


Get Immediate Download Access Total Web Audio and all the Incredible Bonuses Now for Just  $147

Now Only $79! Special Rollback $37!!!

Warning! I will not promise this extreme bargain beyond midnight tonight and reserve the right to raise the price or remove bonuses at any time so lock it in now and guarantee your access...

Download Your Copy of Total Web Audio Now!

(Don't forget to click "return to merchant" after you order)


Josh Anderson
Internet Business Ideas Inc.

P.S. This is the only place you can get certain technology featured in this package. No other software package offers many of the functions and abilities Total Web Audio has. Not even close. Download Your Copy of Total Web Audio Now!

P.P.S. I am considering raising the price and possibly selling some parts of Total Web Audio separately at nearly the same price of this entire package. Take advantage of the huge discount available now by clicking here before I regain my senses and double the price.

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